Transforming lives - one client, one participant at a time.

Alicia B. Harvey-Smith, Ph.D.

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Leadership Matters

A. B. Harvey-Smith Educational Consulting

Experience Leadership in Action
Utilizing The CARE Leadership Transformation Model©

Since 1998, A. B. Harvey-Smith Educational Consulting has set the standard in providing expertise in organizational and individual consulting, coaching, training and development and delivering high quality and transformational presentations for diverse individuals and organizations.

Now is the time to develop your personal, professional and organizational brand with leadership effectiveness through results-oriented action research.

Foster Positive Relationships

Foster positive relationships, emotional intelligence, and expand your capacity through human capital strategies from “Leading with CARE: Compassion, Appreciation, Respect and Empowerment “(2019) © for professionals and organizations as a means of transforming outcomes.

Engage this Dynamic Speaker

Engage this innovative consultant and dynamic speaker in interactive presentations, keynotes, training and development and diverse consulting experiences.

Learn from promising practices and innovative models for strategic planning, organizational redesign, marketing and branding sessions, communication protocols, and comprehensive strategic enrollment management practices to increase student headcount, retention and completion of college students and grow your client base.

Engage in Diversity Training

Engage your organization in diversity training and team building to improve outcomes, positively shift organizational culture, and enhance performance and much more. Gain innovative knowledge on applying the Seventh Learning College Principle and the CARE Model to transform your organization.

Dr. Alicia Harvey-Smith is a passionate learning-centered educator with senior level experience in executive leadership, accreditation, instruction, training, development and consulting. A caring and ethical leader, she views leadership as a calling to serve and positively transform lives.

As an experienced, visionary and entrepreneurial leader and have held such academic posts as college dean, vice-president, president and executive vice-chancellor.

Dr. Harvey-Smith has assisted organizations to achieve proven outcomes in organizational performance, enrollment, and student success, retention, and college completion strategies.

She is a highly sought after consultant and speaker in the area of faculty and staff development, learning college transformations and curriculum, and helping organizations cultivate innovative cultures leading to transformative results.

The Seventh Learning College Principle

A. B. Harvey Smith, Ph.D. is the originator of the Seventh Learning College Principle: “Create and Nurture an Organizational Culture that is both Open and Responsive to Change and Learning©.”

This principle directs organizations to focus on the creation of cultures that embrace caring based approaches that inspire performance and organizational commitment. The principle encourages an authentic investment in human capital strategies, which engage the heart and mind, improve climates, morale, and positively influence learning and productivity.

Customized Educational and Organizational Consulting

AB Harvey-Smith Educational Consulting responds to the needs of a diverse client base of individuals and organizations looking for transformational outcomes.

Examine your organization, its programs, services and systems. Be guided through the process of developing comprehensive and holistic systems, designed to increase productivity, understanding and organizational success.

Through naturalistic inquiry find out what is working in your organization and those who work or engage with your organization experience the environment, programs and services.

Providing the Highest Quality

AB Harvey-Smith Educational Consulting provides high quality consulting and training in the following formats and areas:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Personal / Organizational Branding
  • Comprehensive Strategic Enrollment Management

The Mission and Vision of A. B. Harvey-Smith Educational Consulting and Presentations 

Mission Statement

To develop and implement the highest quality education programs and services that positively transform the lives of participants and the functioning of organizations.

The Vision of AB Harvey-Smith Educational Consulting

  • Educate
  • Transform
  • Inspire
  • Empower
  • Celebrate
  • Elevate
  • Understand
  • Illuminate

Transforming Lives – One Client, One Participant At A Time

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  • Problem Solving Strategies

  • Stress Reduction Techniques

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation

  • Time and Organizational Management

Here’s to You and Success and Making the Connection

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