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Frequently Requested Presentations
and Workshops

Frequently Requested Presentations and Workshops

The Role of Student Development in the Learning College – Gain critical insights on how to transform student services practice using the learning paradigm.

Blended Partnerships Between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs – Learn new collaborative models for creating partnerships in the academy.

Managing With CARE (Compassion, Appreciation, Respect, Empowerment) – Acquire effective management skills designed to inspire peak performance

Leading With Passion – Passionate leadership ignites committed teams. Learn key strategies to lead with authentic zeal

Diversity Training For the New Millennium – Working effectively in collaborative teams is essential to organizational success. Learn how your organization can use the power of the collective to move forward.

Retention Theories and Research – Let the latest research on retention, student success and student learning aid your institution in designing a comprehensive support system.

Strategies for Transforming The Classroom Learning Experience – Gain new understandings regarding culturally mediated instruction and the learning styles.

Believing and Achieving – It all starts with self- acceptance and a desire to thrive no matter the odds. Experience what believing will propel you to achieve.

Life Lessons – Learn new strategies for listening and applying your own life lessons to guide you to ultimate achievement.

Strategies To Improve The Retention and Success of Students Requiring Developmental/Remedial Education – Take away proven strategies to support the learning and retention of high risk student populations.

Customized Support Systems That Challenge and Support Student Success – Learn practices that enable students to integrate academic and social strategies which heighten the likelihood of success in college environments.

Development of Personal and Professional Leadership Plans – Actively engage in the development of plans which build commitment and momentum in achieving optimum success.

Navigating Relationships – Receive training in understanding how emotional intelligence can lead to the development of positive and balanced relationships while reducing stress.

Strategic Re-positioning – Obtain a road-map than can assist you in moving your organization forward through the examination of core values, identification of goals and appropriate action steps.

Personal and Professional Branding – Determine and develop your personal and professional brand and implement strategies to enhance effectiveness.

Enhance Organizational Effectiveness Through Collaborations and Partnerships –  Explore researched strategies that support the establishment of strong internal and external partnerships

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A. B. Harvey-Smith Consulting & Presentations believe that 21st century organizations succeed or fail based on their established cultures and seek to effectively help organizations shape strong cultures, where people matter and thrive through authentic collaboration, communication and leadership.

Let this dynamic and successful consultant aid you in assessing and strengthening your culture, build effective teams, implement strategic planning and thinking, build effective relationships, develop a strong core of leaders and rejuvenate your teams.

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