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A. B. Harvey-Smith has published books, articles and essays on a variety of educational topics, most notably are:

Editor/Lead Writer The Seventh Learning College Principle: A Framework For Transforming Learning Organizations, (2005). National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

Co-authored, The Role of Student Development In The Learning College in Establishing & Sustaining Learning-Centered Community Colleges (American Association of Community Colleges, 2005).

The Evolving Role of Student Affairs in Learning Organizations (NASPA, 2005).

The Seventh Learning College Principle and Organizational Transformation (NASPA, 2005)

Co-authored, From Theory to Practice – A Blueprint For Transformation Using Learning College Principles, (NASPA, 2005).

Co-authored, A Framework for Transforming and Sustaining Learner-Centered Student Affairs Divisions, (NASPA, 2005).

Growing Learning Communities At The Community College: Two Decades of First-Year Student Development Efforts, (2004). National Resource Center and First Year Experience and Transitions.

A Framework for Transforming Learning Organizations: Proposing a New Learning College Principle, (July 2003). League For Innovation – Learning Abstracts, Volume 6, Number 7.

An Examination of The Retention Literature and Application In Student Success, (2003). Promoting Inclusion Journal, American Association of Community Colleges.

The Adoption of the Learning Paradigm in Student Affairs Divisions in Vanguard Community Colleges: A Case Analysis – (2003) Dissertation University of Maryland-College Park.

Retention Literature Review-From Theory To Practice, Removing Vestiges Magazine (2002).

Critique Violence on Campus: Defining the Problems, Strategies for Action appeared in Commuter Perspectives – National Clearinghouse for Commuter Programs, spring (1999).

Getting Real – Proven Strategies for Student Survival and Academic Success, text published by Duncan & Duncan Publications (1998).

Cited in the Chapter: Nests For Dreams, Backdrops For Visions: Making A Difference With Students, appearing in Life At The Edge Of The Wave, published by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, Culp & Helfgot Compiling Editors (1998).

Cited in: The Community College Journal, February/March (1997), Student Development Issue,

Article: Believe the Possibilities-Holistic and Continuous Networks Necessary in Retaining Students, National Council of Black American Affairs Newsletter, April 1995.

Essay: Developing Programs For Success, Community College Times October (1994).


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